Client Love


 I started getting referrals and doubled my clients and then quadrupled my clients and then raised my prices and ever since then...

Expanded my offerings. I'm expanding my team as well, which is something really exciting and I can now say that I'm fully location and time independent which was a goal of mine for about four years.

My work with Natalie is what allowed me to finally experience this. Even after the program ended, it's been I think about six months, I've continued implementing what I learned.

Branding strategist & life architect

Jacky Falla

client love

Because of working with Natalie, I have learned to love life again — something I truly didn't think would ever happen. I've grown personally, professionally, financially, spiritually and finally feel connected to Source in the most incredible way.”


I can’t thank Natalie enough for the guidance, wisdom and heart that she put into my business with me! She is a true guardian angel and I can’t wait for the universe to do it's thing so we can meet in person!


I admire Natalie immensely for her genuine want to help and see other people succeed. If you’ve ever been on the fence about seeking council, you can rest assured that working with Natalie is worth it. Your life will never be the same!


I started making $10k months and even this year I’ve already made more than the last three months combined. I feel confident in my talent, abilities, and I’m not afraid anymore to ask for what I want in types of clients and my rates!


You will find that Natalie is a motivator, a connector, and all around a brilliant spirit to have in your life! I believe that living a purposeful life comes from a balance of passion, motivation, and self discovery. Natalie provides resources for achieving all of that.


I know that without Natalie's support it would have taken me months of overthinking and self-doubt to re-launch, and instead I was up and running again, getting amazingly aligned clients within the first month of working together!


I left my job and took a big leap of faith. Since my first month in business have consistently made
$5,000 a month.

I love to having this consistent pace and not have this pendulum swing of being so ON during the weekdays and then just having one day in my weekends that I'm allowed to be in play.So now I'm just in this everlasting flow.

One of my goals initially, was to take back my life to be in control of my time. And that's something I very much am now, which is lovely.

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brain coach & neurofeedback specialist

Elle Dalebroux

Natalie is my business coach and someone who was helped me grow my business, get my first client, expand my social media & also break into corp wellness.

She's helped me expand. She's helped me see possibilities that go beyond the business. We've talked about everything from who I am as a person to what I want my future to look like. And being able to talk through that with someone like Natalie who is open non-judgmental and completely supportive, is absolutely irreplaceable.

Meditation Coach, corporate speaker

Jen Alico

let's grow together

I’m here to support you in making an impact while building a business that supports your personal and financial growth.

I’m so glad you found yourself here.