Community building is at the heart of everything I do

Whether I’m hosting events, retreats, programs, or working with you 1 on 1, my goal is to create an ecosystem of opportunity for you.

I wholeheartedly believe that ‘if we rise, we rise together’ and that means that if we all support one another, we all win!

Over the years we’ve witnessed a shift in the old paradigm that pits us against each other and we’re ushering a new way of doing business that is rooted in connection and collaboration. That’s the legacy that I want to leave behind.

And not only that, but community is a form of wellness. We are social animals who want to feel safe and loved. So when you’re surrounded by like minded people who understand and appreciate you, it can change your whole world. I hope you join us!

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An inside look into


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Envisioning, manifesting, and opening up to joy

Healing through movement, sound, ritual & energy clearing 

Unlocking freedom & possibility, deepening connection, and holding the vision




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You want a life full of magic and you want it NOW. You want deep friendships that feel like soul family and a love that feels safe, secure, and sexy.

You want health that trickles from the crown of your head to your feet allowing you to feel grounded and growing at the same time. In mind, body, and spirit. 

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vip retreats

1:1 business intensives meant to unlock your sense of adventure and creativity by transporting you to the jungle and beach of Tulum, while also unlocking your limitless potential.

Think of this as an experience for your mind, body and spirit. An opportunity to clarify your business idea if you’re just starting out. Or, an opportunity to dive into an area of your business that needs attention and growth.

vip retreats

(Very Intentional Person)

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No matter what stage you are in your business, we will create a strategy and itinerary just for you.




social media growth

community building

offer suite creation

launch plans

sales growth

We can work on your

What’s included:

15 hours of intensive business coaching and strategy building

3 or 5 day accommodations in a luxury apartment in Tulum

2 healthy home cooked meals and one meal out of the house each day! 

All excursions included i.e. the ruins, visits to the cenotes, healing activities and everything else planned, including the necessary transportation

A month of voxer coaching to help with the integration and implementation of everything covered

2 hour brand photo shoot!

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Mexico was a surprising oasis of pure rest and adventure. Before arriving in Tulum, I felt too busy to really take the break I knew I needed, to really let myself breathe and relax the weight of life that sits on my shoulders."

Natalie, thank you for opening your magical Tulum home to me this last week. 

that really captured my attention. I realized I was full of joy. The kind of joy I’ll implement in my life back in Florida.

Maybe it’s the warmth of the sun, the slower pace of community or the way time seems to stand still

Being intentional with my day to day routine, riding my bike and walking more often and most importantly, taking time to enjoy my life. Tulum and Mexico showed me how important it is to not just be alive, but to live.

Eating fresh fruits, opening my mind to different languages and ways of living

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vip retreats

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